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Meeting the constant needs of an increasingly power-dependent population is a critical mission for utilities. With this important mission, it’s no surprise that customers, utility commissions, and even utilities are apprehensive about taking unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, this risk aversion often results in risk management approaches that cost utilities money, time, effectiveness, and efficiency. 

So how can utilities shift their risk management approach from a rank-order punch list of poor-performing circuits to an approach that has true potential for improvement and a better return on investment?

You’ll learn

The power of the E Source Digital Grid Solution

How you can optimize vegetation management practices, spending, and results

Why it’s time for a data-driven transformation

Did you know? 

In recent surveys, we found that annual vegetation management budgets range from $5 million to $450 million. Whether you’re at the low or high end of this range, vegetation management likely sits near the top of your utility’s O&M budget.

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