You’ve completed your utility’s AMI rollout. Now what?

An E Source whitepaper

Electric, water, and gas utilities across the US and Canada have invested millions of dollars designing and implementing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems. Now those utilities are looking for ways to use their investments to deliver even more value.

Download our white paper to learn more about day 2 opportunities and how they can benefit you and your customers.
  • Seeking next-level AMI benefits

    To get the most benefit from your investment, it’s vital to move beyond the initial, more-direct benefits and incorporate those that build increasing value over time.

  • Where to find day 2 opportunities

    AMI systems can be configured in many ways and benefits can vary, so we recommend routinely checking and tuning the system for more-uniform results. Find out where we suggest you look for operational improvements.

  • Developing a day 2 roadmap

    Many utilities have found it useful to create a day 2 roadmap. This enables them to build a long-term vision of where they’re headed in relation to AMI benefits. Learn how.

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