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Use our primary market research to better understand and interact with your customers

Using your customer list, we can:

  • Field a national study in your service territory, or
  • Oversample in your service territory alongside our national study

Sign up today to make E Source Market Research an extension of your team. This service is available with or without an E Source subscription.

You’ll learn

What EVSE is and why it’s important

How to make EVSE more cost-effective to own and operate

How to install, maintain, and repair EVSE

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Become an E Source market research partner today. We’ll provide the existing questions, field the study, and tabulate the results. 

You’ll receive:

  • The use of our existing questionnaire, plus two custom questions
  • A report of service territory–level findings and recommendations
  • A read-through of results and advisory next steps
  • 32 hours of advisory time and iterative market research
  • A company-wide 12-month license to the service territory–level data within a Power BI dashboard, banners, or data set (dependent on study)

Why E Source

Our people, insights, and network can help you better understand your customers, so you can:

  • Design programs and marketing campaigns from your customers’ perspective
  • Make data-driven decisions instead of solving problems based on assumptions
  • Learn what your peers are doing and which of them is doing it best!
  • Make a business case for improvements at your utility

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